Trend Of Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry keeps coming up with new trends. However, the megatrends of sustainability and digitization are already anchored in the minds of many players in the industry over a longer period of time. On the one hand, they become more and more important in view of the steadily dwindling resources and, on the other hand, the (further) development of innovative technical prerequisites for planning and optimizing both real estate and many work processes. A possible interplay of the two trends offers great potential for the future of the entire real estate industry. What we think about it, you will learn in the following article.

What digitization has to do with sustainability 

Those who speak in the real estate industry about new projects and the associated sustainability must now keep an eye on these factors. In the end, digital solutions will also help – the digital transformation enables smarter and more sustainable processes, also in the real estate sector, thus guaranteeing a resource-saving approach. The sometimes most important methods are for example virtual model e , created with BIM (Building Information Modeling), This is the digital planning and control concept that has already been discussed and used many times, through which the entire lifecycle of a property can be handled with virtual, digital building information. From planning through construction to the use phase of a property. By means of this method, influences on project changes regarding costs, material or energy requirements can be made directly visible and optimized. The resource consumption of a property can be optimized economically and ecologically and the entire product life cycle can be captured. 

Sustainable due to digitization 

Seen not only separated from each other offer digitization and sustainability as o great potential e to affect the entire real estate industry. Because of its influence on the entire lifecycle of a property, from planning to construction to operation, the industry plays a large part in sustainable implementation and can further optimize many factors with the help of digitization. For the sustainability of a property it is worthwhile therefore to digital solutions for a sustainable s and economic s management to set of properties. Due to climate change, legal requirements for real estate are likely to become ever stricter in the future. Thanks to digital solutions for the planning and construction of real estate and software for real estate management sustainable design which is many energy-intensive Pro processes in the real estate industry significantly easier, since theycan run much smarter than before. Objects that meet sustainable and digitized requirements are ultimately more future proof and less risky.

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