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Eye makeup
For a long time, women in Europe and the United States were more cautious about using eye makeup than women in the East. Even after the female makeup is approved, the female’s lips are far more visible than the eye makeup. It’s different now, whether it’s outdoors during the day or indoors at night, using the right makeup, the most attractive part of a woman’s face is the eye. Therefore, there are eyebrow pencils that improve eyebrow color and eyebrow shape, mascara with different colors and length of eyelashes, eye shadows that reshape eyelids and enrich eye color, and eyeliner to emphasize the eye.
Next, I will introduce you to the beauty products of the eye:
Eyebrow pencil/eyeliner
Eyebrows are to be processed first. If necessary,

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You can use the tweezers to remove the messy eyebrows and avoid the thin lines around the eyebrows. Then use the eyebrow pencil to dexterously draw along the trend of the eyebrows to the vicinity of the temple. The choice of eyebrow pencil color is better than the natural color of the eyebrows. In order to clean your eyebrows, it is best to use a sharpened eyebrow pencil. The eyeliner can also be used to outline the upper eyelids, and the contours just above the eyelashes extend slightly toward the temples to the end of the eye.

The effect of mascara is to deepen the color of the eyelashes and make the eyelashes look longer, thus revealing the natural charm of the eye. There is also a view that the rational use of mascara can enhance the brightness and expressiveness of both eyes.
Regardless of whether the texture of the selected mascara is blocky or creamy, we only need to pay attention to the difference between the two methods. When using a blocky texture of mascara, rub it on the paste with a wet brush until enough toner gets on the brush and wait until it is almost dry before applying it to the eyelashes. Then apply the eyelashes from start to finish. The color of the toner is concentrated on the end of the eyelashes and the outer eyelashes to ensure a natural effect. After the eyelashes are completely dry, use a clean small brush to make the lashes clear.
Once creamy mascara was applied to the eyelashes by fingers, and it proved to be less popular than blocky mascara. Until the advent of more convenient wiping tools, the application of cream mascara has been greatly popularized, and it is now fully advantageous. It is a thin cream-like mascara that is placed in a cylindrical container and coated with a thin columnar brush. Apply mascara to the brush head and apply it directly to the outer layer of the eyelashes. When the eyelashes are brushed, they form a certain distance from the eyelids, which prevents the mascara from sticking to the eyelids. Black mascara is suitable for black and dark brown lashes, while blue mascara is more suitable for blue or gray eyes, because it can match the blue color of the pupil to enlarge the eyes.
Eyeshadow Eye
shadow is used to create eye socket depth and rich eye color. The type is cream eye shadow, ingot eye shadow or powder eye shadow.
The color of the eye shadow is affected by the color of the pupil, which ranges from black to green and blue to silver. The cream eye shadow is applied directly above the eyelashes, that is, it is smoothly applied to the outside from the middle of the eyelids with the fingertips. Powdered eye shadows usually come with a sponge tip, and we apply the eye shadow in the powder box to the eyelids with the tip of the sponge. Some powdery eye shadows can also be applied by hand. The eye shadows of the daytime makeup are less preferred, and the evening makeup can be slightly heavier. It is a very fashionable way to use both products at the same time. Choose a dark color (blue, green or brown) and apply it to the eyelids. Then apply a light color or a light color (pearl white or pink) with high light. At the protrusions of the eyelids and brow bones, pay attention to the dark eyeshadow before blending and neutralize the original eye shadow tones for natural effects. People with glasses should not draw too complex eye makeup.
According to the eyeliner product guide, the brush with the eyeliner is held like a pencil, and the desired line is drawn. At the same time, the guide also pointed out that when the eyes are opened, the eyeliner can achieve the effect of enlarging the eyes.

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