What is cricket? 
Cricket is a team sport for boys and girls, and is played mixed up to around 13 years. The youngest youth plays in six and eight. Cricket is a throwing and batting game, similar to baseball and batting ball. The basis of the game is simple: English Willow Cricket Bat, Ball, throwing, knocking away and running to get points.

When can you cricket? 
The cricket season runs from 1 May to 31 August. There is competition until the school holidays, during the rest of the summer there are tournaments and events. In the winter you can also play well in the sports hall.

Is it an expensive sport? 
Cricket is no more expensive than most sports. The kit of the youngest youth consists of a pair of sneakers, a white t-shirt and white sneakers. You only have to play in a real club kit when you are 9-10 years old and play against other clubs. The clubs provide the cricket material.

Does cricket take a long time? 
For the youngest youth, a match lasts about an hour and a half, on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. From the age of 12 or more this increases to 3 to 4 hours.

Are the rules of the game complicated? 
Just like for example football and hockey, the cricket in the Netherlands is fully adapted for young children in terms of time, rules and material. Children pick up the game in a playful way and are not bothered by complicated rules.

Can it be combined with other sports? 
Almost all cricket children play football or hockey in the winter. There are also many tennis players. That seems to go well together.

What can you achieve? 
Cricket is a small sport in the Netherlands. The chance that you will be “discovered” is much greater than, for example, football, hockey or golf. 
From the age of 12 you have the chance to be selected for the national youth selections, the Dutch Lions. Who knows, you might go as a Dutch Lion to England. Or, if you are a little older, to even more beautiful places, such as the Caribbean, South Africa or India! 
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