The fashion is in itself something strange. Even in the declining year of 2016, many trends disappeared as quickly as they had previously appeared on the scene. A few years ago, the removal of any facial hair in men was considered popular. This trend has now become relative and the beard is again high in the price. If you are not naturally intoxicated by nature, you will find helpful tips for proper care here.

Of all beards probably requires the three-day beard least care. Small irregularities rarely occur and are usually forgiven accordingly quickly. In the businesstauglichen variant, however, a clearly defined contour must be recognized. In addition to a considerable density is also regular trimming indispensable. But how does man come to a hip full beard?


Anyone who thinks they can simply grow their beard as they please is unfortunately completely wrong. In order for the full beard  to present itself in a handsome manner, it must be perfectly attuned to one’s own face shape. Decisive for this are above all the condition of neck and chin.

Basically it is possible to trim the beard itself. Inexperienced beards should prefer this job to a professional barber. A haphazard growth of the bar is definitely one of the absolute no-go’s in terms of appearance. But that does not mean that you have to do without the bearded variety. On the contrary, the design of a Vollbarts allows countless forms and thus also offers plenty of room for individuality.

The combination of different styles such as goat’s, mustache and sideburns can also give a special form of the Vollbarts. Incidentally, such a combination of several beard shapes provides for a slimmer look and is therefore particularly suitable for gentlemen with a round face. But even with men with a narrow face shape, a properly trimmed beard can look great and gives the face again a pleasant fullness.


However, there is no way around proper care, because the full beard must be treated extremely caring. So if you want to spend as little time in front of the mirror is probably bad advice with a full beard. But even here there are “simpler” variants, which although require regular care, but take significantly less time than others. In the category “easy to care for” falls, for example, that full beard, which results largely from the natural growth.

The most important and equally simple tool for a well-groomed beard should be the electric shaver . With this, most of the handles can be mastered easily and quickly, provided that the shaver was also developed especially for beard care. On the other hand, if you want to see something more elaborate and playful contours in your beard, there is usually no way around a classic razor. In order to put the whiskers in order then also a beard comb is required.

With the above utensils, a gentleman has at least the basic equipment to get his beard in shape. To make sure that this looks attractive, the beard also wants to be cared for in the long term. Care oils are particularly popular here, which keep the beard supple and healthy. A selection of care oils can be found for example in the online shop for hairdressing supplies . Attention: For an optimal result the care oil should be dosed correctly. Normally, four to five drops are sufficient for a full beard. The oil itself can be distributed with the beard comb, but better suited for this purpose are the own hands. Important: When distributing, sufficiently wet both the beard and the facial skin with skin care oil.

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