Tips for a novice biker, or if you like motorbikes

Advising is the hardest thing. For example, when asked what to buy a motorcycle. And if a person adds “I never went on a motorcycle,” it is impossible to give an exact answer. Cycling does not count. It is light, and the balance depends on the position of the body. And on a Motorkleding, your body almost does not affect anything. All control is due to engine thrust, brakes and taxiing. In fact, counter-control (there is such a term). If you try to turn the steering wheel to the left on the move, the bike will immediately tilt to the right, and you will enter the right turn. This is counter steering. To get out of the turn, you can simply turn the steering wheel in the direction where the bike is already turning. And he will immediately find a vertical position. Everything is mirroring your efforts: the impulse to the right gives you a real movement to the left, and vice versa. Explain long and inefficient. It is better to try in practice.

And what to try? There is one strict rule: learn from what you will ride. Remember that a motorcycle often has to be turned and rearranged in a parking lot. That is, you must move it easily in silence, without the help of a motor. The important thing is the seat height. Children krossmeny very often sit on a motik with a stool, and to get down, drive up to hemp. Adults such a life to anything. So you have to get to the asphalt with at least your toes. Like in ballet. Even more convenient – if you can get up the whole foot. Many motorcycles have seat height adjustment. At least two positions – high seat and low. If there are no such adjustments, you can try to understate the motorcycle in another way. But in this case it is worthwhile to listen to the advice of a mechanic. Not all designs can make a motorcycle low. It is necessary to put the protection in a circle – on the sides of the sliders,

Most importantly, you like the bike. For a start – at least outwardly. You can start with a classic – a motorcycle of ordinary appearance and a wide profile of application. Equally good for commuting and out of town on weekends. Sportbayki – for asphalt, and good. A beginner, perhaps, to anything. A good choice is a light enduro or crossover. On Endurik, you can overcome curbs, potholes and even ride stairs. The crossover is lower, but more comfortable. Suitable for broken asphalt. The key factor is power. Strength 20-30 – a reasonable limit for those who start. The main thing – to try and understand what you want. Unlike the car, which is bought for practical reasons, the motorcycle is for the soul.

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