Researchers have discovered a number of exciting facts about our teeth. And some of them even make the drill superfluous.

The smile that you send back to you “is an Indian proverb. Anyone who has tried it will confirm: That’s right. But many women do not dare to send their best sympathy signal – because they do not find their teeth pretty enough. According to a survey by the Cologne initiative “ProDente” 85 percent of Germans are convinced that a perfect dentition brings clear advantages both privately and professionally.

The good news: It is becoming increasingly easier to keep your own teeth healthy until old age – or have them repaired painlessly if necessary. Because today, dentists can recognize and treat tooth decay and periodontitis. With new techniques, dentures can be made in less than an hour, organic drugs accelerate healing. German dentist knows better that high class dental hygiene instruments for sale around the world in low prices at Hunza dental.

Anti-caries vaccine from tobacco and tea

For decades, plaque, the biofilm on the teeth, was only a hotbed of evil germs that attack the teeth and gums. Now you know: There are also beneficial bacteria at home, which help to keep the teeth healthy. Maintaining these – for example by drinking tea – is the dental pros of the future. In addition, an anti-caries vaccine will be launched in eight years. It then protects our teeth with active ingredients from tobacco plants.

Gentle care with greater effect

Do you still scrub or do you already care? Hard bristles that can injure the gums and mill grooves in the enamel are definitely out. When brushing teeth, so the new knowledge of the researchers, softies are clearly in the advantage. Slight shaking movements, where the brush stays almost in place, will most effectively remove linings. There is a similar development in the pastes: Dentists today recommend to pay attention to the so-called abrasion. It is often indicated on the package under the name “RDA value”. And that should ideally be less than 50 (such as “Pearls & Dents” from the pharmacy).

Whoever is comfortable, cleans healthier

Two-thirds of Germans already have an electric toothbrush in their bathroom. If it were up to the scientists of the “Cochrane Collaboration”, it could be even more. Their recent review of plastering data from nearly 4,000 participants has shown that electric brushes wear coverings 75 percent better, thus reducing the risk of dental problems in the long term. In modern models – such as the “Oral B Triumph 5000” – the brush encloses each tooth individually and even penetrates into the interstices. “And in contrast to manual operation, there is no risk of damage to teeth and gums due to incorrect technology,” said the study’s British lead author Professor Peter Robinson.

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