Many beautiful women like to affix false eyelashes, but all kinds of handicapped parties, not all the glue on the eyelashes are glued everywhere, the eyelashes are squatting down, then this tutorial teaches you how to apply false eyelashes.

Supplies for fake eyebrows:

False eyebrows 217

False eyebrow glue

Scorpion ( special scorpion is better )

Specific steps

False eyebrows that look like crosses are not recommended . Most of the shops on the street sell fake eyebrows that are unnatural and fake. This one-piece and natural fake eyebrows are natural, and if you choose a natural brown product, it will be more natural.

The first step: Let’s start posting a sticker ! Use the scorpion’s good eyelashes, and cut off the two sides without the need for scissors. It is more convenient to see them with small ones.

Step 2: Apply a few times on both sides of the black part of the lash root to make it easy to drop the glue ! Wait until the lashes change from blue to transparent. (about 10-15 seconds, don’t wait until it’s completely transparent )

The third step: eye shadow – false eyelashes – eyeliner – mascara and other eye makeup based on false eyelashes. Use the Eyelash Tweezers and hands to bend the sides and bend them according to the eyes. The eyes are carefully attached to the front !

Step 4: This will make you feel a little empty in the middle . Then, with the middle part of the empty space , like my own eyelashes and false eyelashes, I will kneel down with the feeling of handcuffing. I put fake eyelashes on the roots of my eyelashes. 

Step 5: After you finish it, you will find the space between your eyelashes and false eyelashes ! Then this space is filled with an eyeliner. ( Need to use a thin eyeliner ) In fact, this process will not be very conspicuous. If you look at it from a distance, you can’t see it at all, so you can omit it. If you want to apply fake eyelashes perfectly, you can do this .

Step 6: This is how to finish the eyelashes naturally. This is because the photo is very close, it will feel a little fake, but looking at the false eyelashes in the distance is like my eyelashes ! If you don’t make makeup after putting the false eyelashes, you can take the false eyelashes when you remove the makeup. .This false eyelash can be used for a long time.

Step 7: Make friends with makeup and hold the eyelash curler. After the clip is finished, gently apply mascara ! Don’t paint it very heavy, so it looks a bit unnatural. This completes our process of affixing false eyelashes ! Eyeshadow –Eyeliner – Mascara is not all the way to make eye makeup ! Put on false eyelashes to make eye makeup, but it doesn’t stick much but it’s very different.

Method of unloading false eyelashes

 Now let’s see how to remove the false eyelashes ~ It’s not that cleansing is more important than makeup. The false eyelashes are also the same. It’s more important to remove them than the stickers ! The false eyelash glue is more exciting, so my eyelashes will fall off when I remove the eyelashes. Come down.Don’t get rid of it because of trouble, it’s especially bad for your eyes… In this case, see how to remove the eyelashes ~

Step 1: Apply a cotton pad with eye makeup cleansing oil to your eyes for 10-15 seconds !

Step 2: Press the top of the eyelashes at the center of the cotton pad, so that it can be removed relatively easily. At least one-third of this process can be removed. However, because the glue has not completely fallen, the false eyelashes will be attached to the end of the eyelashes !

Step 3: The remaining false eyelashes can be removed with a pair of tweezers.When you remove the false eyelashes, don’t take it off with your hands. When you remove the eye makeup, gently remove the false eyelashes together ! Please refer to it

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